Our green team 
Eco leaders 2020, Summertown’s green team 
that is committed to achieve
carbon neutrality by 2020.

Eco Leaders 2020 is Summertown Interiors’ team of staff members who are all passionate about green and is responsible for spearheading the company’s objective of becoming carbon neutral by 2020. 

Eco Leaders 2020 committee has created a plan that addresses Summertown’s social responsibility whist staying true to financial realities and objectives.  The strategy focuses on 4 core pillars – our workplace, the market place, the community and the environment – and a series of objectives have been engineered following each of these pillars that will enable Summertown to put a number of policies into action. 

Our plan embraces our culture and passion and gives responsibility to every employee within the organisation to adopt practices within their own work environment that are socially responsible.

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