Smart Dubai

Smart Dubai office is located in D3 Design District, Dubai’s ‘Smart City’, and part of the framework of the Dubai Plan 2021. Summertown Interiors collaborated very closely with designers DWP on the delivery of the Smart Dubai office that utilises leading technology for a seamless work environment. Summertown with it’s expertise in green projects, also managed the LEED certification process for this project and is expected to reach the client’s goal of LEED Gold certification.

The office space features a 'Virtual Reception' and many working spaces utilising different materials and fixtures, including a café, auditorium, majlis, quite zones, lab and meeting rooms. These spaces include writable walls, a live feed LED in the café, and modern designed furniture. Each area features the highest quality fit out materials and finishes, and would have not been possible without Summertown’s process driven approach, craftsmanship and attention to detail during the fit out.

Despite the complexity of the joinery, technology (AV & IT), and a set opening date, the 14 week timeline was met with a fast track program.

Project Manager:
Kling Consult
14 weeks
1,850 sq m

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