Summertown Interiors is the first fit out contractor in the UAE to occupy LEED Gold certified interiors, and has firsthand experience at executing green interior projects for its clients.

At Summertown, we value our customers, the products we represent, the environment, and the way we conduct ourselves in business. All are integral to ensuring consistent high quality delivery of our projects, time after time, and is the key to our success as an established interior contractor for 20 years.



Marcos Bish presents Small...

12 Oct 2017 Marcos Bish, Managing Director of Summertown Interiors, was proud to present the Small Business of the Year award to ISS (Intelligent Software Services)...Read More

Smart Dubai Office project...

01 Oct 2017 Click here to read articleRead More

Marcos Bish mentors at the...

01 Oct 2017   Yesterday Managing Director, Marcos Bish volunteered as a mentor at the Unilever Young Entrepreneurs Award Sustainability...Read More
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