At Summertown we love to be creative and come up with ways to be a more sustainable business – this extends to our corporate lifestyle too. What better way to demonstrate this than our eco-friendly Christmas tree to celebrate the festive season.

The tree was made 5 years ago using only recycled/waste materials including scrap metal, waste wood, and old metal shavings. Even the decorations were made from waste materials – the star on the top was made from a broken glass pane, and was carefully crafted and mounted to wood to create the 3 dimensional tree top decoration.

Each year, the tree is given a new lease of life with a spray of eco friendly water based paint.

Marcos Bish, Managing Director for Summertown comments “Being the diverse nationality base that we are at Summertown, we love to celebrate all festivities including the Christmas season, and what better way to do so than by demonstrating how with a little bit of creativity, we can create something truly special that we can enjoy for years to come.”


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